How do I become a charity copywriter?

One of the first posts I wanted to write for this was blog was ‘How do I become a charity copywriter?’. That’s because many people who currently write for a living or aspire to be a copywriter would like to work for an organisation that changes lives.

Now, there is already a comprehensive post at wordspring ltd on becoming a charity copywriter. But as someone who recruited copywriters at Macmillan Cancer Support, I feel this post doesn’t push hard enough the value of volunteering for a charity and getting experience of writing the different comms they produce.

You see, the reality is there aren’t that many charity copywriter jobs available, and the competition for them is pretty fierce. So if you’re going to apply for one of them, it’s important you do all you can to show that working for a charity is something you really want to do.

To do this, don’t ping an email to a charity and say you’re a writer who could work for them remotely. If you’re really serious about becoming a charity copywriter, ask charities if you could volunteer for them at their office.

Okay, so you’re not going to get paid for this work, but I promise that having some charity examples in your portfolio will boost your chances of getting a charity copywriter job. Also, this experience will let you know if working for a charity is actually right for you.