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A good, insightful question (you could be the next Paxman). I’d say I pretty much do anything wordy. This includes:

Writing original copy that’s never seen the light of day before.

Editing words that other people have written so they’re much more interesting and enjoyable to read.

Brand messaging, which means crafting words that tie together every piece of content you create and which resonate with your audiences.

Tone of voice guidelines – all the tools you need to sound like you should sound and stand out from the crowd.

Naming stuff, which is obviously dead easy. Or is it? Name 30 hair products that work together as one. Name a newsletter for autistic teenagers. Name a new app which promotes jobs for people over 60. Answers on an SAE postcard.

Training for your employees, so they can improve their writing skills and craft copy in your tone of voice. Pop over to Training to the max to find out more.