I’ll be honest, there’s definitely some good writing training out there which you can attend. But more often than not this training is going to throw up the following problems:

  • 1
    It’s been created to satisfy a wide range of people from a wide range of organisations. This means it’s not going to meet your specific needs.
  • 2
    It’s taking place in London, which is great if you live or work in London (or fancy a visit). But it’s a bit of a pain in the bum, in terms of time and money, if you have to travel from the shires to the Big Smoke.
  • 3
    It typically costs somewhere in the region of £300 to £500 per person to attend. A price that’s going to stretch most people’s budget.
  • 4
    It’s hosted in an uninspiring room, with plenty of bad coffee, and a lunch consisting of some ropey sandwiches and crinkle cut crisps.



  1. TAILORED CONTENT that’s been developed with you so it ticks all the boxes that need ticking. This could be anything from helping employees to write in your new tone of voice to identifying what the content of your e-newsletter should be. See below for more of the areas I cover.
  2. A VENUE THAT WORKS FOR YOU. For example, I can come visit you to keep costs down and save you time, or we could choose a location which is handy for everyone to reach if people are travelling from different areas. Alternatively, I’d love to host you at my workspace in Leeds. It’s called Duke Studios and has meeting rooms which definitely don’t follow your typical hotel conferencing look. Take a gander.
  3. LOW COSTS which offer fantastic value, especially as my training will be tailored to meet your needs. Typically, a one-day workshop for six to eight people, hosted by me in Leeds and including lunch, is going to cost around £180 per person.
  4. AN INSPIRING ROOM, GREAT LUNCH, AND TOP NOTCH COFFEE. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll experience if I host you at Duke Studios. As well as having super cool meeting rooms, there’s also a great coffee shop and kitchen on site. I’ll also do my best to find other inspiring venues if you decide the training should take place somewhere else.


So there you go. This is why is my writing training offers you so much more than the generic training you’re likely to be offered by larger companies. All you need to do now is give me a buzz or drop me a line to discuss exactly what type of training you need.


  • The essentials of writing great copy
  • Adopting a new tone of voice
  • Developing new brand messages
  • Writing great online content
  • Creating an annual review that works for you
  • Identifying the best content for your magazine / newsletter
  • Writing effective fundraising copy
  • Creating compelling direct mail packs
  • Writing feature articles, including interviewing people
  • Creating compelling case studies