How to write better

Right, I’m gonna begin this blog with something super helpful: four top tips on how to improve the way you write.

1. Practise all the time. When you write an email, when you send a text, when you write any copy, review how it sounds, how it looks, and whether you’re getting your point across. Then give the copy a tweak here and there if it needs it. Doing this every day will massively improve your writing because your ‘writing brain’ is a muscle. You need to work, work it!

2. Write like you speak. This will help your reader understand what you’re talking about and make your copy sound more personal and human. Too often, people think they have to sound like their Great Aunt Maud when they write, or throw in lots of jargon and nasty business speak. You don’t. Great Aunt Maud’s time is over.

3. Plan, write and review for equal lengths of time. This is particularly important if you’re writing longer copy. Taking the time to map out what you want to say and the order of your messages will save you time in the long run. Also, consistently reviewing your copy will allow you to weed out any unnecessary and weak copy, making your copy punchier and more interesting.

4. Make your copy look digestible. Because what’s the point of writing something tasty if it looks unpalatable to your reader? So use headlines and subheads that create interest; keep paragraphs to a max of four sentences; bold up or underline copy that’s important; make sure there’s space around your copy; and please, please, please use 1.5 spacing between lines instead of single spacing.