Nostalgia writing

Many people think long copy is dead. But the truth is only poor long copy is dead. People’s attention spans may be reducing, but if you produce really engaging long copy, you will hold people. And the more you hold people, the more likely you will sell them something or get them to take a certain action.

One really great way to do this is through nostalgia marketing / writing. This is when you tap into your audience’s past by talking about well-loved figures, famous ad campaigns, memorable products and toys, and – ‘I shall say this only once’ – catchphrases and taglines that live long in the memory.

Choose the right era to revisit and this tactic will definitely ensnare your reader. That’s because we all love reliving memories and conjuring up pictures in our mind from our past. Done the right way, nostalgia writing can also lead to positive brand association. Just look at the example below to see what I mean. I really wanted to get my hands on a Wispa after so many elements of my 80s childhood were brought to life.

So if you really want to connect with your audience on a deep emotional level, I definitely recommend you give nostalgia marketing a go – and especially if you’ve got a milestone or company anniversary to celebrate. You could create some long copy that takes people back to when your organisation started or a product was launched.