So, here you’ll find info on projects I’ve been working on recently, plus
some musings about cool copy and anything else that interests me.

To make sure I actually keep writing the blogs, I’ve decided to limit
myself to 280 words per blog, in honour of the character limit on Twitter.
I also thought you might appreciate some short, snappy posts, rather
than long blogs you have to read crazy fast while standing on the Tube.

How to write better

Here you can grab yourself some handy tips to help you write better. There are only four, mind you. But let’s face it, it’s better to walk than run if you’re serious about improving the way you write. Plus, it’s highly likely that I’ll add to these writing tips in future blogs.

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Nostalgia writing

Do you remember when the only way to load a computer game was to pop in a cassette, press play and go make a SodaStream? If you do and feel lovely and warm inside, you’ve just experienced the power of nostalgia writing. Something you need to learn more about if you want to hook your audiences emotionally.

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Creating a successful brand – The small stuff

Your topline messaging is obviously vital to the success of your brand. But I’d argue that it’s the messaging that not everyone sees that will truly win you hearts and minds. So don’t just concentrate on the ‘big’ copy. Find out how spending time on the small stuff can make your brand feel more real and solid.

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How do I become a charity copywriter?

Working as a copywriter in the not-for-profit sector can be a really rewarding and creative experience. But how do you succeed in becoming a charity copywriter in the first place? In this blog I offer you my top tip – something that isn’t particularly difficult to do and you’re likely to enjoy. Find out more.

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Making your copy well tasty

The saying goes, ‘You eat with your eyes,’ because if a plate of food is visually appealing, it’s more appetising. Well, the same can be said for your copy. If you make it look attractive and easy to digest, more people are likely to read every single morsel of it. Find out more by delving in.

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